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Introducing: Wortmann Terra


For the past 30 years the name Wortmann has been synonymous with products and services in the area of information technology provided by an international medium-sized family business.
TERRA brand Notebooks, Tablets, PCs, Workstations, All-In-Ones, LCDs, Servers, Storage and ThinClients are all assembled in Germany.

Laptops/Tablets (Terra Mobile/Pad)

Sturdy, and Professinoal new business class laptops, made in Germany.
Perfect for home or work use. Rapid processing with Core i5, i7 and more, with Windows 10 or Window 11.
Easy to Use, quick tablets. Choose from Android or Windows devices.
TERRA brand Laptops & Tablets are all assembled in Germany.

PCs/Workstations (Terra PC)

Terra have a Range of PCs and Workstations perfect for at home, in business or in education.
The Range includes PCs, Workstations, All in Ones, Mini PCs Gaming PCs and More.
Paired with a Terra Monitor, this is the perfect setup for both casual and professional use.
Terra’s powerful workstations come with massive processing power and powerful Graphics, for all your needs, whether it be Solidworks, Video Editing or many more applications.
TERRA brand PCs & Workstations are all assembled in Germany.

Monitors (Terra LCD/LED)

Paired with a Terra PC or Workstations, Terra’s high quality monitors is the right choice for you or your business.
Bright HD screens and top performance, fitting perfectly into any professional office, school computer room or home office.
TERRA brand Monitors are all assembled in Germany.

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