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Green Cell Battery for Clevo C4500 C5500 W150 W150ER W170 W170ER W170HR / 11,1V 4400mAh

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  • Compatibility: Clevo C4500 C5500 W150 W150ER W170 W170ER W170HR
  • Cells Manufacturer: Green Cell
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Number of cells: 6
  • Voltage: 10.8 V(11.1 V)
  • Cells Technology: Li-Ion
  • Overheat protection: Yes
  • Overcharge protection: Yes
  • Over-discharge protection: Yes
  • Colour: Black
  • Manufacturer: Green Cell
  • Product Code: MD06
  • Surge protection: Yes
  • Capacity: 4400 mAh
  • The possibility of return: Up to 30 days

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Green Cell is a high-quality laptop battery dedicated to Clevo C4500 C5500 W150 W150ER W170 W170ER W170HR . The battery features Li-ion cells developed by Green Cell, which are a guarantee of real capacity, reliability, and long working hours. The battery is a precisely designed model that matches a specific laptop to ensure the highest work efficiency, stability, and safety.

Replaces the following parts:

6-87-C480S-4G4, 6-87-C480S-4G41, 6-87-C480S-4P4, 6-87-E412S-4D7, 6-87-W27PS-4P4, BAT-B5105M, C4500BAT-6, C4500BAT6

Compatible with the Following Devices:

Wortmann Terra Mobile, Advent 6411, CLEVO W150, CLEVO W150DAQ, CLEVO W150HM, CLEVO W150HNM, CLEVO W150HNQ, CLEVO W150HRM, CLEVO W150HRQ, CLEVO W170HN, CLEVO W170HR, Chiligreen Agilitas AO10716, Chiligreen Agilitas AO170717, Chiligreen Agilitas AP10800, Chiligreen Agilitas AP750, Chiligreen Mobilitas B5130M, Chiligreen Mobilitas OD0710, Chiligreen Mobilitas OD0723, Clevo B4100, Clevo B4100M, Clevo B4105, Clevo B410xM, Clevo B5100M, Clevo B5120, Clevo B5121, Clevo B5125, Clevo B512x, Clevo B5130M, Clevo B7110, Clevo B7130, Clevo C4100, Clevo C4500, Clevo C4500Q, Clevo C4501, Clevo C4505, Clevo C4800, Clevo C4801, Clevo C4805, Clevo C5100Q, Clevo C5105, Clevo C510x, Clevo C5500, Clevo C5500Q, Clevo C5500QC, Clevo C5505, Clevo C5505C, Clevo E4105, Clevo E4107, Clevo E4120, Clevo E4121, Clevo E4129, Clevo E412X, Clevo E5120Q, Clevo E5125, Clevo E512XQ, Clevo E7130, Clevo M220s, Clevo NP2240, Clevo NP2252, Clevo NP3260, Clevo NP3265, Clevo NP5125, Clevo NP5135, Clevo NP5160, Clevo NP5165, Clevo NP5175, Clevo NP6165, Clevo NP6175, Clevo NP7130, Clevo Turbo X, Clevo VNB142, Clevo W150ER, Clevo W150ERQ, Clevo W150HN, Clevo W150HR, Clevo W150HRx, Clevo W170, Clevo W170ER, Clevo W240EU, Clevo W240EUQ, Clevo W240HU, Clevo W250ES, Clevo W250EUQ, Clevo W250HUQ, Clevo W251EG, Clevo W251EQ, Clevo W25AEF, Clevo W270BUQ, Clevo W270CZ, Clevo W270EQ, Gigabyte Q1732, Gigabyte Q1732N, Hasee VNB142, Itautec Infoway W7425, Kennex 6140, mySN Schenker Notebooks, NeoPC 6000, Nexoc M507II W251EG, PC Specialist Optimus, Positivo Master N150, Q-Force Dura 7564, Sager NP5160, System76 Gazelle Professional, ViewSonic VNB142

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