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Introducing: The RedBoxVR Classroom VR/AR Kits

Looking to take teaching to the next level?

RedBoxVR Classroom VR/AR kits come with everything teachers need to create a hands-on educational experience for their students. The kits allow teachers and students alike to see just how powerful VR/AR technology can be within the classroom! With a variety of options available, you are sure to find a kit to fit your classroom’s needs.

Welcome to the classroom of the future…

The RedboxVR classroom kit houses multiple virtual reality viewers for use within the classroom. These viewers are stored within a ruggedized, weatherproof case which is more than capable of protecting everything inside even in the harshest of conditions.
By using VR applications, your students will be able to explore environments that you could never hope to achieve in real life. From the Great Wall of China to a walk on Mars, not only is it educational, it’s fun!
RedboxVR Classroom Kits can easily be incorporated into lesson plans to provide your students with a more immersive learning experience.RedboxVR Classroom Kits can easily be incorporated into lesson plans to provide your students with a more immersive learning experience.

Includes Action Button

The viewers are designed with a built-in action button for operating the smartphone without having to remove it from its position.

Google Cardboard Certified

The viewer has received the “Works with Google Cardboard” certification, ensuring complete compatibility with Google Cardboard applications.

Premium Lenses

Uses high-quality lenses that provide an exceptional 100° field of view for the ultimate 3D experience!


Transparent Front for Augmented Reality

Thanks to its transparent front, the viewer is compatible with augmented reality apps.

Browse our selection of classroom VR/AR Kits

Available in Kits of 5, 8, 15, 30 or Cart of 30

Introducing: The RedBoxVR Pico G2 4K Kits

Looking for a way to wow your students with virtual reality?

RedboxVR Pico G2 4K Virtual Reality Kits are designed for educational use. Whether you’re looking to provide an immersive cinematic experience or increase the student engagement, these Virtual Reality Kits are ideal.

The Pico G2 4K has many applications…

The powerful Pico G2 4K headset has applications in both a commercial and educational setting. 
Unlike competing virtual reality manufacturers such as Oculus or HTC, Pico headsets are easily able to be loaded with educational or training software and used without issues straight out of our case.

Connect Anywhere.

We include a router in the kit so that the headsets are able to connect to a network completely separate from any school/business infrastructure.
The Pico G2 4K offers a completely self-contained user experience requiring no phone or computer.

Maximum Performance.

The G2 4K takes the G2’s focus on high-performance, sleek design and maximum comfort and enhances the resolution to a crisp 4K for a top-of-the-line experience with a streamlined all-in-one counterweighted design.

Crystal clear visuals.

Featuring a 4K LCD display with 3840 x 2160 screen resolution – The G2 4K provides the user a premium viewing experience.
With a refresh rate of 75Hz and a ppi of 818, the G2 4K has brighter and clearer picture quality.

Browse our selection of Pico G2 4K Kits

Available in Kits of 5, 10, 15, 30 or Cart of 30

Introducing: The RedBoxVR Pico Neo3 Pro Kits

More Power at your disposal.

Starting with the powerful Qualcomm XR2 processor, 6GB RAM (Neo 3 Pro) or 8GB RAM (Neo 3 Pro Eye),256GB onboard storage and featuring a 3664 x 1920 LCD screen with a PPI of 773 and up to 90Hz refresh rate, these new headsets are both lighter and more compact than Pico’s previous 6DoF headsets.

Optical precision at your fingertips.

The Neo 3 Pro offers an improved accuracy and latency experience with the introduction of two new 6DoF controllers that use 32 optical tracking sensors for complex environment positioning.
Combined with four wide-angle cameras that bring true millimetre-level positioning and tracking to the headset, stable tracking can be achieved even in low-texture environments with bright or dark settings.

Pico Neo3 Pro Kit

Available in Kit of 5

Introducing: The ClassVR Premium Virtual Reality Headset

Everything schools need to make VR a reality in the classroom




The latest device from the World’s most awarded classroom VR solution comes with: A new and improved 2K HD fast switching display, a high performing Qualcomm processor made specifically for AR and VR devices, a 100 degree field of view, upgraded optics, front facing camera and an all new body to complement the new device features.



All ClassVR charging and storage options have been designed to be as portable as possible, allowing teachers and students to easily and safely move the headsets from one classroom to another.
Sets of 4 & 8 are supplied within a dedicated hardcase which not only protects the devices during storage, but also charges the headsets via a single wall plug.
The Sets of 4 & 8 have an extendable handle with rugged wheels make moving the headsets simple, even for young children.


When purchased as part of kit, each ClassVR Premium headset comes complete with a wired hand controller to support ClassVR’s exciting new content release; explorable scenes.
Being powered solely by the ClassVR headset during use, it’s lightweight and features three buttons, plus a central joystick controller.
When immersing students into a virtual learning environment with ClassVR headsets, the optional Controller empowers students to intuitively explore their virtual environment with a new found fluidity and complete control.

ClassVR Premium Headset: Technical Specifications

ClassVR Premium Headset: Technical Specifications

Available in Sets of 4 & 8 from €2,699

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